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LSTAR’s News Release for June 2022

LSTAR’s News Release for June 2022

Market Cools off in June

1,727 new residential listings and 663 home sales were recorded in June 2022 in the London-St. Thomas area via the MLS® System of the London and St. Thomas Association of REALTORS® (LSTAR).  The local housing supply increased from only 1.7 months of inventory in May to 2.8 months of inventory in June.

“While the number of new listings is the highest ever recorded by LSTAR in the month of June, the number of June home sales is at its lowest point in the last ten years,” said Randy Pawlowski, 2022 LSTAR President. “Our local market is cooling off rapidly, but home prices don’t follow suit as fast,” he added.

LSTAR’s composite MLS® Home Price Index Benchmark Price was down 7.8% from May, decreasing from $703,300 in May to $648,500 last month. However, this value is still 10.1% greater than the figure recorded in June 2021. Similarly, LSTAR’s overall average home price fell from $762,397 in May to $686,287 in June. Compared to the same period last year, this figure is still 8.9% higher.

“While the three consecutive interest rate hikes by the Bank of Canada succeeded to put some downward pressure on the home prices, the low housing supply is what keeps them relatively elevated. Even if the number of months of inventory increased to almost three, this value is still lower than normal. In a balanced market, the inventory should sit at 3.5 or 4 months,” Pawlowski said.

The following table shows how June’s average home sales prices in LSTAR’s main regions compare to the benchmark prices for the same areas.

Area June 2022 MLS® HPI Benchmark Price June 2022 Average Price
Central Elgin $637,700 $616,591
London East $524,900 $547,492
London North $781,700 $807,984
London South $644,100 $696,067
Middlesex Centre $925,400 $1,007,905
St. Thomas $537,300 $576,680
Strathroy-Caradoc $794,000 $657,051
LSTAR $648,500 $686,287

“The favourite dwelling type of the local home buyers remains the single-family home: out of the 663 units sold last month, 493 were single-family homes,” Pawlowski explained. “The rest of the June transactions were comprised of 82 condo sales and 58 apartment sales,” he added.

In June, the average price for a single-family home in LSTAR’s jurisdiction stood at $736,158, that of a condo – at $583,321, and the overall average price for an apartment – at $413,576.

The following table shows the June benchmark prices for all housing types in LSTAR’s jurisdiction and how they stack up against the values from a year ago.

MLS® Home Price Index Benchmark Prices
Benchmark Type June 2022 Change over June 2021
LSTAR Composite $648,500 ↑ 10.1%
LSTAR Single-Family $689,000 ↑ 9.1%
LSTAR One Storey $626,900 ↑ 9.7%
LSTAR Two Storey $731,500 ↑ 8.9%
LSTAR Townhouse $575,800 ↑ 16.4%
LSTAR Apartment $425,900 ↑ 10.6%

“Even if it’s higher than in many cities from other Canadian provinces, LSTAR’s composite HPI benchmark price places our area among the most affordable in Ontario,” Pawlowski observed. The following chart is based on data provided by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) for June 1st, 2022.

MLS® Home Price Index Benchmark Prices in Canada - June 1, 2022

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LSTAR’s Statistical Package for June 2022

The June 2022 Statistical Package of LSTAR has 751 pages. Because it is a large file, it might take a longer time to load on your screen.

The Stats Package includes the MLS® HPI benchmark prices for all neighbourhoods and subdivisions that fall under the jurisdiction of LSTAR, as well as descriptions of benchmark homes for each of these.

To navigate the Stats Pack PDF file, click on the hamburger symbol  displayed in the left upper corner of your screen to reveal all the bookmarks of the document.

To find information about London East, please go to “East Residential”. The information about London North can be found under “North Residential” and the London South data – under “South Residential”.

Click on the following link to see the complete Statistical Package of LSTAR for June 2022: